Hello sisters!


Welcome to your website!

this theme is not definitive! It is just fun.

Have a cup of tea and think of doing a logo. What shall we put in it?

uhm not milk or lemon in the tea but the website!!!

it will be sisoffrida.org soon.


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  1. Hi

    Someone posted your link on Facebook.

    Site looks really, really nice – but what’s it all about?!

    If you are sending out any info or notice about your collective and would like it publicised please do let us have a copy at womensgrid – http://womensgrid.freecharity.org.uk – as our focus is about sharing information by and about women’s groups, networks and activists. (We also do regular mailings to nearly 3,000.

    Will definitely return to catch any new posts …

    • Thanks for that. But we are not really ready yet to launch:-)
      We are a Disabled Women’s Cooperative come together to see how we can bring awareness of issues specifically related to disabled women. We will be writing more about us soon. Yes do keep an eye out for us. We are all very busy and eventually will write more in the about section.

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